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Summer Promotion For Royal 12v Thermo Electric Cool Box

electric cool box
The Royal 12v Thermo Electric Cool Box is a very popular cooler made by Royal Leisure and it fits anyone trying to escape from the crowded cities. Whether you would like to use it for any outdoor activity such as camping, caravanning or even for marine use, this cool box seems to be one of the best products someone can choose.

Ideal for families and not only, the Royal Cool Box can cool to a maximum 18 degrees below outside temperature, making it a fantastic choice for the hot summers. It is a very versatile product that comes packed with a 12v adapter for vehicle compatibility and 12v supply with integrated cable compartment in lid. With a 25L capacity, it is also able to hold a 2L bottle upright thus making any outdoor activity more enjoyable when it comes to keeping your water, foods or beer at cold.

Moreover, for a quicker and more constant cooling effect, the Royal Cool Box 12V Thermo Electric Cool Box comes packed with an additional interior fan placed smart within the cool box. In addition, it is built from a special insulation material for keeping the cool effect for a longer time; for reducing the condensation, its developers added a rubber sealing that works like a charm.

Dimensions for this product are somehow regular for its capacity – 390mm width x 440mm high x 280mm deep – and for a safe and easier carrying it comes with a strong handle anyone can “manoeuvre” with no hassles.

As the summer is already knocking at the doors, the team from Camping-Online.co.uk has recently cut-off the price for this product so anyone can enjoy it at a discounted price – from £44.99 it has faced a more than 20% discount – this means you can buy it for only £34.99 from the above-mentioned website. Coming in different colours, it can be the perfect choice for stepping with the right foot in the hot season, whether you are an enthusiast camper or a person that evades from time to time in the wild nature.

Planning Summer Camping? – here is your sleeping bag guide

After a long day reaching your destination, nothing beats the feeling of snuggling into a warm, comfy sleeping bag, ready for a good nights sleep in preparation (and anticipation) for a new day. Having the right sleeping bag can be the difference between waking up refreshed and ready for another great day and not sleeping at all. Here we give useful advice and tips to help you choose the best bag for a good nights sleep.

Basic tips on purchasing a new sleeping bag

Decide what the lowest temperature is that you are likely to encounter. Choose a bag that will perform to this temperature.
Synthetic bags tend to be cheaper and easier to clean than down bags. They also provide reasonable insulation when wet and dry out more quickly than down bags.
Down bags provide the best warmth to weight ratio, compress smaller and will last longer than synthetic bags.
A mummy shaped bag will provide the most efficient insulation compared to a rectangular bag which will give more space to move around in (but also to heat up).
A sleeping bag is no good if you don’t have insulation from the ground; use a suitable mat to get the most from your bag.

Basic knowlege of how a sleeping bag works
Sleeping bags work by trapping air within the bag itself.
Your body is the heat generator for this insulation system and is able to create extra heat for warming up the environment around you.

There are many technical bags with features that aim to help retain this extra heat and therefore reduce the work for your body.
Choosing a suitable sleeping bag is the most essential piece of kit when camping, hiking, trekking.

You can find other camping equipment site and outdoor tips at camping online

Adjustable multi purpose folding tray table

The multi purpose tray table is the smallest in the officestar range and is the perfect table with its eight different height setting.
I’m sure we’ve all be there. We need some extra table space in the kitchen, for example,when making a big meal for lots of people. Or sometimes, we are working on a hobby, a model airplane, perhaps, and we need some extra space.
And finally, there’s the TV dinner scenario. This table is perfect for that’s a lap table.
But I believe that my table is far and away better than the others. For a start these tables come with a TEN YEAR GUARANTEE.
It has EIGHT DIFFERENT HEIGHT SETTINGS. Not three, not five, but EIGHT. Other tray tables don’t offer that. So, when you have children around, or if you’re disabled, and need a special height, then this will be perfect.
The tabletop is made of a special plastic resin, which is super strong, easy to clean and perfectly smooth. no ridges or bumps!
The metal framework is  powdered coated tubular steel, which is thicker and stronger than the others being offered around.
Overall, the engineering is just a little bit better, in my opinion, and I have loads of customers who are enjoying this table and they will agree.

You can buy this product at camping online on the adjustable tray table page

Outdoor Living Supplies – Just what the doctor ordered.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away says and old adage. This proverb seem quite outdated now as it has been argued that to keep the doctor away using fruits or vegetable you actually need an apple, a pear, an orange, some grapes and leafy salads to complete the ‘five a day’ portion of fruits and vegetable the human body seem to need to stay healthy.

Another ways other health experts claimed could also help us keep the doctor away is the use of our outdoors spaces.  Our lifestyle has changed considerably, we seem to be eating more junk food and exercising less. Most people seem to spend a considerable amount of time slumped in front of computer or TV while the young one are glued to their Xbox and playstation consoles.  Simple exercise such doing a bit of gardening, walking, taking stairs instead of the lift goes a long way to keep us healthy. For those who do not like going to the gym or vigorous exercises, just using your outdoor living space more will help create a healthier individual.

Outdoor living equipment are not expensive this days, at most garden centres you can get items you need to create a beautiful garden including patio at significantly reduced rate to what it used to cost years back. There are even outdoor super stores online who deliver items to your doors, you can even buy discount patio furniture from this online outdoor living centres.

For this author, outdoor living or camping in the winter is a no no because of cold but the expensive outdoor patio heater which used to cost a fortune has not gone down in price so much so that everyone can afford it. Having and outdoor patio heater can make using the outdoor living space bearable in winter.

One of the online outdoor living centre researched for this article carry a huge stock or items you need to transform your outdoor living environment to a fantastic space that will be exciting enough to tempt the children away form their computer game and keep the parents happy. Items you can buy at the site ranges from small items like flower pot to huge items like lawn mowers.