If Abraham Maslow hierarchy of human needs is taken apart and analysed, you will see that part of the human experience we would not have ranked so highly such as sex and friendship are actually crucial to too our needs (notice the emphasis on need rather than wants). Maslow ranks our Psychological needs as follows:
Notice that all the items that precedes Sex are extremely vital, we cannot live without them. On his list of our social needs, friendship, intimacy and supportive family/friends are next. Perhaps the needs Abraham Maslow so beautifully identified are the reason why Online Dating is one of the fastest growth areas on the Internet today.

In spite of its huge popularity and exponential growth, online dating has not taken a significant portion of the dating scene or render some of the old ways people meet extinct. The tried and tested way of meeting such as being introduced by friends or family, dating a friend of a friend and good old fashion chatting a man or a woman up at a disco still exist and are thriving, its just that this forms of meeting are now enhanced by Internet dating, as potential dating partners first meet one another online, arrange to meet in real live and then take things from there.

Internet dating has however introduced some very new languages, concepts and ideas to the dating game which did not exist before the Internet dating scene arrived. One such new concept is speed dating. Speed dating does what it says on the tin, instead of the prolonged drawn our dating courtship rituals, men and women who have been pre screened to ensure compatibility and mutual interested and invited to a gathering where they are encouraged to interact and hopefully leave the venue as a couple.

Other newly finagled concept Internet dating brought to the dating scene included chatting online using instant messenger, video messages and other technology powered communication means to get acquainted with the object of your desire before actually meeting.

Of all the new things Internet dating brought to dating in general, perhaps the most interesting and radical one was making distance, geographic proximity less important by bringing people who live hundreds of mile apart who would never have meet left to the old factors that used to bring people together but thanks to Internet dating, more and more people hundreds or miles apart are now able to date.

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