decoration plant in london office

Due to the fact that people are getting each day more and more stressed at their offices, it has been shown that a good solution for a bit of a stress relief and not only, would be represented by the office plants. As a matter of fact, recent studies have shown that office plants can not only reduce stress, but they can also improve the ability of concentrating on their work of their workers.

Plant Designs is a London company specialised on the design of floral arrangements. Further more, their services are quite numerous and include: unique floral designs, cultivation of office and exterior plants, routine maintenance – that is usually included in the primary contract -, intelligent planting and so on.

As a matter of fact Plant Designs own a very important percentage from the London office plants market. Basically, it’s because they offer several other services among the usual. These include: the sale of Christmas trees decorations and even Christmas trees, orchid sale and many more.

Even if there can be found other companies specialized in selling office plants in London, Plant Designs is the main choice for the clients who have dealt with them. That’s because they respect the main principles of a professional company. This is approved mainly by a close study upon their style of work

First, Plant Designs will come and find out exactly what the client is in need of. They will also inspect the place where the flowers or the bushes are about to be planted, just to check if the everything is ok, and a proper flower grow can be sustained. Next, they will check if the requested flowers can be found among all the office plants in London. If they don’t find from the first search, then they are needed to browse through the whole London office plants market, just to make sure that they can start the work.

The second step includes the design – unique for each client – of the project, design that is usually made and presented to the client in about 3 days or even sooner, depending directly of the number of commands that are processed by the Plant Designs consultants in those days. If the client approves the project and the price, then the order is put in practice in about 1-2 weeks. There is one thing, though, that separates Plant Designs from the other companies based on office plants in London: they assure a proper maintenance at the projects they have accomplished, maintenance that is guaranteed from the contract with each client in part.

As well, they have a greenhouse where they grow most of their plants. This means they can offer branded Christmas trees and orchids, and even some exterior plants, and not just office ones.

Finally, it’s no doubt that there are a thousand of eco-loving companies like Plant Designs. Though, since there hasn’t been registered yet any complain about their services, and due to their degree of professionalism, they have the monopoly upon a big percentage of the London office plants industry.