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The internet besides making its presence felt in many homes and influencing the way people lead their lives through its various utilities, have provided many individuals an avenue for expressing themselves and for attracting views of others. Blogging has emerged as a great unifier of collective ideas, views and thoughts and for some has provided a very lucrative source of income as well. Many internet marketers have utilized and leveraged the advantages of blogging and have been able to drive traffic through intelligent use of back links to their sites. They have thus been successful in reaching across to their target segment and are able to earn a lot of online income.

Though the numbers of blogs have been going up progressively over the years, it is not very often that you find a blog that covers a myriad range of topics and provides quality information to its visitors. Many of the blogs set up over the years by enthusiastic internet marketers have been restricted to niche areas such as finance, music, technology, spirituality, religion, self development, internet marketing and so on. It has been observed that not many of them are able to sustain the traffic that they manage to generate in the initial period and over time just fade away into oblivion. is one blog that was set up with the prime purpose of informing and entertaining its visitors and it has been successful in doing so mainly due to the variety of interesting topics it has been adding on a regular basis. The blog provides information and manages to entertain its visitors on diverse topics such as arts and craft, music, martial arts, IT, movies, auto, general, miscellaneous and so on. It is this diversified presence in so many domains that has enabled the blog to sustain itself and attract its visitors on a regular basis.

However, the striking feature of Haabaa blog is not just the information and entertainment but the web directory services it is able to provide. The web directory seeks to bring under one roof the various fragmented directories strewn in the internet space and has really succeeded in doing so thanks to its stringent review system of looking at such directories before including them in the Haabaa database. It also has developed a system of inviting entries as well as contributions through the Info Pool page. It has recently added a finance section and that is something that is pretty relevant and would be very useful to people in these troubled economic times. Haabaa’s new finance web directory would be particularly relevant for those having credit related issues ranging from a bad credit score to finding it difficult to manage their debt.

Other equally interesting, informative and entertaining sections include the ones on dating and relationships, web mastering, reviews on various website services, science, psychology, gaming and so on. The information on the dating section in particular is pretty interesting covering as it does relevant online dating news and developments. is indeed a web directory and a blog with a difference and one more feature of this blog is its availability in both Spanish as well as Polish.